Frequently Ask Questions

What services does Black Creek Cannabis Provide?
  1. Professional micro-processing of recreational cannabis for legal micro-cultivators.
  2. Provide professional cannabis consultations service to clients.
  3. Sale of cannabis domain name to public.
Why do I need a micro-processor?

Under federal and provincial laws, all legal cannabis micro-cultivators must use a licensed miro-processor to process, package, label and distribute their product to the retail market.

What benefit does a professional cannabis consultant provide for me and my business?

A professional cannabis consultant can provide ideas and  solutions to existing businesses and start-ups. We can save you precious time and money by preventing you from making the costly mistakes, only knowledge and experience can prevent. We are here to help every step of the way.

Is your company trustworthy?

Absolutely! We are honest, trustworthy and efficient. We are fully licensed and everyone here at Black Creek Cannabis has had the passed the necessary training and a criminal background check.

Why should I choose B.C.C. over other companies?

We know our reputation rests on our results, so we at Black Creek Cannabis strive for excellence and efficiently in everything we do.

Can you provide retail sales of cannabis to the public?

No, unfortunately B.C.C. is not currently licensed to sell cannabis directly to the public.

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