Consulting Services

We will provide consultation services for people involved in the cannabis industry for all experience levels, from the new grower to the expert cultivator. Our vast experience and knowledge of the cannabis industry makes us an in-valuable resource for those who want to succeed.

Cannabis Consulting Services:

  • Cannabis business Start-ups
  • Consultations for new growers
  • Grow tent setups for small indoor gardens.
  • Maximize harvest from your plants.
  • Medical Cannabis Information and Consulting
  • Growing, harvesting and curing cannabis
  • Indoor and outdoor cultivation advice
  • Strain & seed selections
  • How to become a legal cultivator
  • Assist with complex application and licensing process
  • Assist in understanding the rules and relations of the new recreational market
  • Industrial Hemp Solutions

Domains For Sale

Are you looking for the perfect cannabis related domain name for your website to get your business growing?  We have many great domain names available for purchase and are now taking offers from serious cannabis business-minded people.

cannabis domain names

Personal Cannabis Microprocessing

Here at Black Creek Cannabis we are highly experienced and we love extracts. Whether for dabbing or edibles, our method is solvent free extraction. This ensures purity in the finished product.

We are fully aware of the extensive time and effort you have invested to produce the highest quality craft cannabis products. Therefore we make it our goal and priority to provide only the best, reliable, honest and efficient services to all our clients. We are here to help your growing business succeed so make sure  B.C.C. is your first choice in  microprocessors for craft cannabis on Vancouver Island.

cannabis processing
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